Develop privacy-preserving principles, standards and infrastructure for addressable communications between consumers and businesses that safely leverage data to improve campaign optimization and attribution, increase transparency amongst partners, support funding for content and services, and operate across channels.

A New Vision for Addressability

The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media is working to ensure consumers and businesses can continue to connect responsibly and enjoy the benefits of the digital economy in a safe and effective cross-media environment where privacy is fundamental.

Guiding Principles

The Partnership has released a set of initial principles that will guide its work:

  1. Consumer privacy should remain a foundational pillar of the solution by providing consumers with meaningful transparency and controls, giving the marketplace the tools to understand consumer preferences and the ability to abide by those preferences.

  2. Consumers should have access to diverse and competitive content offerings, supported by their choices to engage with digital advertising in exchange for content and services.

  3. Business operations, including ad targeting, ad delivery, frequency capping, campaign management, analytics, cross-channel deployment, optimization, and attribution should be sufficiently supported and improved upon through better technological and policy standards for all critical use cases.

  4. Solutions should be standardized and interoperable for consumers and businesses across browsers, devices, and platforms, subject to applicable privacy laws and guidelines and to the extent it is reasonably technically feasible, efficient, effective, and improved over existing technology.

  5. All browsers, devices, and platforms should allow equal access, free from unreasonable interference, to the new solutions.

  6. Companies that utilize the resulting solutions should follow industry and legal privacy standards, with strong accountability and enforcement for those that violate the standards.

These principles may be further modified with input from the working groups and other stakeholders over time.