To advance its efforts, the Partnership has convened four working groups of industry stakeholders to shape different elements of the initiative: Business Practices; Technical Standards; Privacy, Policy, and Legal Considerations; and Communications & Education.


The working groups have engaged participants from across the digital advertising ecosystem and around the world to develop consensus-based standards, technologies, and policies. 

Business Practices Working Group

The Business Practices Working Group is responsible for the creation of a compendium of priority business use cases to help frame and evaluate potential solutions.

More than 60 industry representatives from major brands, agencies, and publishers have been meeting over the summer and fall of 2020 to propose, discuss, compile, edit, and analyze those business use cases, which will help guide the principles and solutions created by the Privacy, Policy & Legal and Technology Standards Working Groups.

Privacy, Policy, and Legal Working Group

The Privacy, Policy, and Legal Working Group will offer guidance on privacy, legal, policy, and other related areas relevant to developing new standards for addressable communications across the Internet ecosystem.

The Working Group will identify and recommend data privacy, security, and accountability uses and functionalities to be supported by the new addressability solutions. The group will identify areas where the use of addressability and solutions developed through this effort address privacy considerations. The Working Group will also engage in various channels including legislative and self-regulatory to ensure new addressability solutions are permitted. 

Technical Standards Working Group

The Technical Standards Working Group continues the work launched by the IAB Tech Lab through Project Rearc in the spring of 2020.  The Working Group is responsible for setting technical standards for a range of addressability solutions to address prioritized business use cases and developing accountability programs to ensure adherence to privacy considerations and addressability standards.

The Technical Standards Working Group includes representatives of nearly 400 companies involved in the digital advertising supply chain, and it has created separate sub-groups focused on addressability and accountability.

Communications & Education Working Group

Launching in early 2021, the Communications & Education Working Group will serve as the primary communications vehicle to educate  industry stakeholders, policymakers, and the public about the recommendations and solutions developed by the Partnership.


The Working Group will bring together communicators and other representatives from industry trade organizations and participating companies.  It will design the Partnership's strategic narrative and provide materials for stakeholders across the ecosystem to understand and implement the standards, principles, processes, and solutions that result from the Partnership's work.